The Polygel is the perfect hybrid between acrylic and builder gels, which allows you to

work at your own speed. What does this mean?

It will not get dry like acrylic does, unless you cure it. But it is not runny as builder gel is.

The consistency is gummy-like and once you place it on your nail, you can turn it over

and the polygel won't move. This is fantastic, because you can actually build a whole

hand and having to cure it just once!

Application steps:

You would need a primer, however because we do not own primers, we recommend

applying over a base coat ( the base coat, as you know will protect the nail )

1. prep your nail

2. apply base coat and cure

3. take a bead of polygel and place it on the middle of your nail

4. with the brush's help and the alcohol, work the polygel on your nail creating the

shape you desire ( without touching the skin - if the product goes on the skin, clean it with

a bit of alcohol),

 once you are done, cure it

5. file the nail shape, then clean the dust with alcohol.

You can now go for a top coat and cure or proceed with a gel color, cure, then apply top coat.

The polygel cannot be removed by soaking. It must be filed off.