Here are five quick and simple ways to maintain and preserve your collection of gels Madam Glam at home or in your salon.

1. Keep it cool
Keep your gels Madam Glam in a cool, dark and dry place. Keeping your gels cool helps the formula last longer, while keeping them in a place with a hot temperature (i.e. direct heat and sunlight) can cause the formula to separate and get clumpy, altering the thickness and color, and ruining the quality of gel nails.

2. Clean the neck
Before closing the bottle of polish, wipe the neck of the bottle with a cotton ball drenched in nail polish remover containing acetone to remove excess nail polish, then close the bottle straight after. This makes the bottle easier to close and prevents air from getting trapped inside it. Air dries out nail polish and this ruins the quality.

3. Keep the bottles upright
Keeping gel nail polish bottles upright instead of lying down stops the polishes from drying out, maintaining the quality of gel nails after application.

4. Don't shake
Before you apply gel nail polish, shake gently but not too much. Shaking gel nail varnish vigorously can create bubbles, leading to uneven application.

5. Design and implement appropriate and protective storage
Add a storage unit to keep gel nail polishes upright and well preserved, and to make it easier to pick out shades. You could add a nail polish wall rack or a shelving unit. Implement in a cool and dark place, and away from direct heat and sunlight.